Medical Office Billing Systems
Accurate and Affordable
While Worker’s Compensation claims may only represent 2 to 3% of a hospital’s and other provider’s services, a disproportionate amount of these claims remain either unpaid or underpaid. Our highly experienced staff will solve this claims management problem and increase revenue on an overlooked segment of your service line.

How we can help
Our staff can quickly pinpoint the exact place in your service process the claim went bad. Working with the provider’s current systems and with a minimal time requirement from your staff, your collection rate on worker’s compensation claims can be as good or higher than that of your other third party payers.

Vital to your staff
Given the increased complexity of the revenue cycle in every healthcare organization, your staff is probably asked to accomplish more in a day than ever before. Worker’s Compensation claims get put to the bottom of the stack because they require specialized knowledge and your staff does not have the time to research the ins and outs of the system. The result is unpaid revenue. 

The aging process
Medical Office Billing Systems will manage these claims for you whether they are recent, over 180 days or charge-backs after a collection company has already attempted collection and been unsuccessful. No cost is incurred by your organization unless we are successful. 

Caring for your patients
Your staff is not the only ones who will value our services. Oftentimes in Worker’s Compensation claims, the injured worker ends up receiving the bill when the claim is denied. Frustration ensues when the patient calls the provider and is told there is nothing to be done. This is often followed by the patient’s inability to pay the claim and financial hardship or ruin for the patient. Our goal is to keep this from ever happening.

The diagnosis
Now that you are wondering if your organization is overlooking this revenue stream, you are determined to speak to your financial services department. The automatic response you will receive is “we don’t have a problem”. This response is not one of laziness or denial, but that of lack of knowledge of what happens to these claims once they enter your system. 

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